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Aircraft N-Number Reservation

This site is provided to allow users to request the reservation of an available N-Number.

Requesting reservation from the site does not guarantee reservation. Requests are processed in order of receipt and it is possible that other requests for the same N-Number are already in process.

The cost to reserve an N-Number online is $10.00 (payable by credit card).

Online N-Number reservation consists of the following steps:

  • Enter N-Number(s) for Reservation
  • Verify N-Number Reservation Information
  • Credit Card Payment Processing

What's a Valid N-Number ?
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U.S. aircraft registration numbers (i.e. N-Numbers) consist of a series of numbers and letters.

N-Numbers may not exceed five (5) characters in addition to the standard U.S.
registration prefix letter "N" (i.e. the prefix of "N" is not considered in the count).

These characters:

  • may be one (1) to five (5) numbers (e.g. N12345);
  • may be one (1) to four (4) numbers and one (1) suffix letter (examples: N1A and N1234Z);
  • may be one (1) to three (3) numbers and two (2) suffix letters (examples: N24BY and N123AZ).
  • may not be the letters "I" or "O" to avoid confusion with the numbers one (1) or zero (0).

An N-Number may not begin with zero (0).

The first zero in a number must be preceded by at least one of the numbers one (1) through nine (9)
(example: N01Z is not valid).

Registration numbers N1 through N99 are reserved for Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) internal use and are not available.

The FAA no longer issues numbers beginning with "NC", "NX", "NR", or "NL". (On some older aircraft, these registration prefixes may be displayed in accordance with FAR 45.22.)

If a desired N-Number is in a hold or reserved status and shows an approaching purge date, the number, if not renewed by the holder, will become available at 12:00 a.m. Central time (by the server time shown on the web page) the day following the purge date.

Requests for the number may then be filed through the on-line request web page, in our Public Document Rooms at 7:30 a.m., by U.S. Mail, or overnight courier service.

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